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Dare to Know

The name Saperde /sa‐PAIR‐dey/ is derived from the Latin phrase, sapere aude, which translates to ‘Dare to Know’, and is associated with the Age of Enlightenment.

Saperde provides expertise in consulting practices where we can add value that leads to client successes, including: governance/operations, information technology, marketing/external relations, leadership development, and nonprofit/government support.

At Saperde, our goal is to use our collective experience to provide world‐class expertise and service to clients who dare to gain strategic insight into their business.  All of our consultants are either experienced C-level practitioners or highly skilled subject matter experts.

Saperde provides consulting services internationally. 

Business Brainstorm
Business Meeting
Meeting the Staff
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Rapid Response for Clients Affected by COVID-19

When businesses were ordered to cease on-site operations for non-essential staff, Saperde implemented a secure remote access solution for a professional services firm within 24 hours.  This allowed their 150+ employees to continue working without significant interruption.

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