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Our firm retains consultants possessing either highly developed technical expertise

or information technology governance expertise.



Director, Nonprofit Practice
Director, Information Technology Practice

Mr. Quintanilla has over twenty years of experience in the information technology (IT) industry and has a proven track record of success in multiple business environments. He has served as a senior project manager and engineer for several federal and municipal government IT projects, as a network and systems engineer for IBM's Education and Training division, and as an adjunct faculty member at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. He currently works internationally as an information systems and technology consultant for several entities.

Mr. Quintanilla is a member of InfraGard, an organization in which the FBI and the private sector collaborate to share information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States and its interests.  Mr. Quintanilla leverages his association with InfraGard along with his IT background to advise clients on matters of information security, works with them to implement best practices to safeguard critical systems and classified information, and assists victims and law enforcement after malicious acts occur.

In addition to his IT background, Mr. Quintanilla possesses fifteen years of experience in both nonprofit execution and governance.  He has previously served as a senior staff member in several regional nonprofit organizations, currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Intercultural Family Services, and formerly served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, and as a member of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania's Teaming for Technology Advisory Board.  Mr. Quintanilla has worked to secure millions of dollars for nonprofit institutions nationwide from programs overseen by the U.S. Department of HUD, the U.S. Department of Labor, the New Jersey Attorney General, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, and from private and corporate foundations.  In 2012, Mr. Quintanilla was honored with the Advocate of the Year award from Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County.

Mr. Quintanilla’s commitment to public service is ongoing.  He has been appointed as a US Selective Service regional Board Member for Pennsylvania by current President Donald J. Trump and Governor Thomas W. Wolf (D., PA) and formerly as a Board Member for Delaware by former President George W. Bush and former Governor Ruth Ann Minner (D., DE).  Mr. Quintanilla is an officer in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and is an advisor to the City of Philadelphia’s Personnel Department.  Mr. Quintanilla is a member of American Mensa.


Adjunct Consultant, Information Technology Practice

Mr. Evans graduated from La Salle University with dual majors in Computer Science and Telecommunications. He has often enjoyed the trials and tribulations presented by developing custom software for clients and looks forward to any request that challenges his team’s abilities and potential.

Mr. Evans and his application development team strive to not only serve a technology service provider, but to also be a true partner to the client - servicing their every need and helping them to grow in this ever expanding technological world while maintaining only the highest quality of service.

Mr. Evans and his team service a variety of corporate firms; their endeavors always challenging knowledge and understanding. Mr. Evans looks forward to many more years of success, growth and excitement with his continually evolving team, clients and initiatives.

Starting in late 2015, Mr. Evans has maintained a deep focus on Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain. He has diversified his knowledge by reading countless books, abstracts and articles. He is active in the crypto-community having attended and led many different meetups and events in the space. He has striven to become an expert consultant in this area and he pride himself in his team’s deep knowledge of the various applications of the technology as well as the intentions, initiatives and projections of the alt-coin markets.


Adjunct Consultant, Information Technology Practice

Mr. Gattsek is a technical/analytical person who made the jump to the business side several years ago.  Prior to Mr. Gattsek’s involvement with Saperde, he has been an owner/operator of a custom software development and application web hosting company along with other interests including real estate endeavors.

Mr. Gattsek is a strong believer that this cross-discipline provides his clients insight into the “why” behind both the business and technical goals which govern their business/organizational decisions.  He has risen through multiple roles, including coder, project manager, telecommunications tech, senior developer, system architect, etc.… and is adept at communicating with clients in order to define and deliver solutions that meet their goals.

Mr. Gattsek has been involved in tech since before client-server technology originated (1995) and therefore has in-depth knowledge of multiple core web-based technologies.  He is also well versed with the latest software development and hosting technologies.  His education was gained thru a contemporary process which gave him insight into actual processes and how they work, as opposed to the point and click knowledge base of today’s consultants.

Mr. Gattsek also brings broad industry knowledge from his term as corporate Manager Information Systems for a publicly traded national maintenance service organization, an owner-operator of a regional Internet Service Provider and private consultant to multiple entities.


Adjunct Consultant, External Relations Practice
Adjunct Consultant, Information Technology Practice

Mr. Houser is a 22-year veteran in the field of graphic design, having worked for companies large and small – including one-employee startups to very large corporations including Ford, Microsoft, Disney, and Target. He has a long history of pleasing clients across a wide variety of industries: toys/games, sports, entertainment, music, food, fashion, industrial, financial, medical, governmental, and tech.  Jack is versatile, a creative problem solver, and very easy to work with.


Associate Consultant, External Relations Practice
Associate Consultant, Information Technology Practice

Ms. Mihalik is a 2016 graduate of Temple University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising Art Direction from the Klein School of Media & Communications. With 5 years of Social Media Marketing experience, Ms. Mihalik has experience creating content for a facet of industries: Student Housing, University Admissions, and Market Research.

Ms. Mihalik is skilled in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the content-manager platform Hootsuite. She has extensive knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager and is familiar with Google Analytics. Apart from social media platforms, Ms. Mihalik has approximately 5 years of experience working with Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


Associate Consultant, Information Technology Practice

Jose L. Perez is an Information Technology specialist with 20 years of experience who works with businesses and individuals to find the best workflow to suit their needs.

From teaching technology to youth in schools, to managing IT departments in the corporate sector, Jose brings his passion of all things tech to the table.

Jose has worked with the NYC Department of Education, Nabisco, KBK Wealth Management, CTA Architects and Gabellini Sheppard Architects. He has helped build out the technology infrastructure and roadmap for businesses with a focus on efficiency, operations, and the overall user experience.

Jose is a trained Apple Professional and has received a Support Consultant Specialist certification (ASCP).