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Our firm retains consultants possessing either extensive C-level management experience or

highly developed technical expertise.



Director, Leadership Development Practice

Andre Young is a speaker, author, and consultant who works to enhance work/life harmony and leadership for Employees, Teams, and Students; allowing an EVOLUTION in their 4 P’s: as People, Partners, Parents, and Professionals!


Andre's mission is to to be of value and impact to organizations, leaders, teams, employees, and individuals; enhancing Leadership & Work/Life Harmony skills. Every company, team, and person is capable of their definition of success, expanding their definition of success, creating a positive culture, and evolving if they choose to consistently focus on enhancing personal leadership skills, functional leadership skills, and work/life harmony practices.


Andre is the author of the best-selling book 7 Ways to Love and has a forthcoming book titled The Leaders 7.

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