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Now more than ever, organizations are able to leverage technology to achieve their missions.  Cyber attacks originating from around the world however prove to be a persistent threat to technology and information assets. 


These threats include: corporate espionage, theft of sensitive information and trade secrets, encryption caused by ransomware, extortion caused by nuclear ransomware, disgruntled employees, unsecure vendor systems, and the disruption of technology availability. 


The first step in combatting this threat is to evaluate the cybersecurity practices of an organization and to identify those practices that increase organizational risk.  Saperde possesses the expertise to perform this evaluation and to report its findings back to your organization’s stakeholders.

Saperde performs an on-site assessment of systems and procedures with a focus on the areas that are key to the success of your organization’s IT infrastructure:

Structure and Strategy • Budget Analysis • System Security

Data Management • Change Management • End-User Computing • Cyber Insurance

Incident Management • Vendor and Service Provider Management 

Contact us to request your assessment 

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